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Exploring Iranian Descent Through Culture, Ethnicity & Language

Iranian descent has a rich culture of diverse ethnicities and language dialects. You will enjoy when you discover more about Iranians and their culture. Questions about the creation of Iranian culture will be answered in this article. Do you know the origin of Iranian descendants? How many different ethnicities identify with Iranian culture? How many languages exist in Iranian culture?
Answer some of these questions by reading this fun article on Iranian descent.

First we can explore the cultural aspects of Iran. Persian empires from all over help comprise the descendants of Iran. Yalda night and Nowruz are just two of the names to describe the Persian new year holiday. Do not fall prey to the common falsehood that Iran is an Arab country. The country of Iran is not from Arab origins. Iranians and Arabs are two separate and different categories. Iran gets its name from the term land of Aryans. Never ever tell an Iranian person that they are the same as an Arab. National pride is a big part of the Iranian Culture.

Next we can explore the different ethnicities living in Iran. There are a lot of different ethnicities in Iran. Most of Iran’s population consists of Persians. The second most prevalent ethnic group is called the Azerbaijanis. Similar to Persians they are also caucasian. Languistic roots are the most obvious difference between the two groups. Turkic origin is where the Azerbaijanis get their language from. While the Persians get their language from Indo-European origins. A few more minority ethnicity groups in Iran include Georgians, Lurs, Aremenians and Kurds.

This article will end with an appreciation for the different languages in Iran. Farsi is the official language in Iran. Indo-European roots birthed the popular Persian language in Iran. Greek, English and Latin are just three of the languages with close ties to Indo-European roots. Certain words spoken in Farsi easily expose these Indo-European origins. The Persian words for mother and brother sound almost identical to their English counterparts.

The total amount of languages in Iran ranges between 40-50. These languages are spoken by over two hundred million people. Over two hundred million people speak these 40-50 languages. There are over 2 million people fluent in Iranian languages. An interesting discovery came about when linguists found distant ties from the Indian language to the Iranian languages. Iranian languages and Indian languages fall under the umbrella of the Indo-European languages. Practically every language spoken in America or Europe are a type of Indo-European language. Iranian languages have a history that dates back thousands upon thousands of years.

There is still so much to learn about the historical events which have created Iran as we know it. Iranian descent is an enlightening topic with much to explore. Never stop your journey of learning about the fascinating cultures in our world.

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